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Atomic 8
an easy portable oxygen solution !

Atomic 8 Liquid Oxygen Spray

Atomic 8
Liquid Oxygen Spray

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The 60ml bottle diffuser delivers oxygen on the face as an energy boost, cell regeneration, or moisturizer or occasionally orally to kill anaerobic bacteria and leave a fresh breath.

Also can be applied on wounds or food for disinfection.

The 60ml bottle allow about 420 sprays or about 1.5 month of usage.

Atomic 8 PROTECT is best used as energy boost on the face, fast wound healing, food sterilization, protection against diseases.

Atomic 8 Liquid Oxygen Mist

Atomic 8
Oxygen Mist

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The 12ml Mist spray dispenses a mild, relaxing micro cloud of drops smaller than the skin pores.

Applied to the face the oxygen is directly absorbed by the body cells.

It is used as an energy boost, cell regeneration, moisturizer and for relaxation.

ATOMIC 8 Oxygen Mist is best used as an energy boost and cell-regenerative directly on the face.

Atomic 8 Liquid Oxygen Mist Refills

Atomic 8
Oxygen Mist Refills

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ATOMIC 8 Oxygen Mist Refill is used as an energy boost, cell regeneration, moisturizer, or for relaxation.

ATOMIC 8 Oxygen Mist Refill is best used as an energy boost and cell-regenerative directly on the face.

Prevention is the key to staying healthy

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"Air pollution is the biggest problem in the world today".

With the ongoing pollution in several big cities and other areas in the world, the quality of the air that you breathe has deteriorated dramatically, resulting in vast increase in pollution related diseases

Atomic 8 is a versatile product with a plethora of astonishing health benefits, suitable for daily use, business, sports, wellness, prevention, travel and lifestyle.

With the convenient format, the Atomic 8 products are easy to take with you everywhere, making it your best friend.

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